NYC/RIO/NAZARE/SKELETON (Atlantic), CHICAMA/MAVERICKS/KAMCHATKA/TEAHUPOO (PACIFIC)... Oceans remind us we share more than we realise.

Swellbound chooses to showcase the real diversity of the surf community, featuring true originals often ignored by the surf media. Together we discuss environmental, gender and cultural issues in a bid to drive change.

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Swellbound authors:

 Waikiki fun

Waikiki fun

Laurence b

I started Swellbound in a bid to resurrect my love of writing and apply it to my growing surfing passion. Music, boardsports and youth culture in general are wonderful vehicles for change that I have been using through my life and career. With over 10 years in the NGO sector, using film, photography and writing, I witnessed the power of storytelling to change minds and attitudes.

Swellbound is an attempt to fill the void left by the mainstream surf media, which fails to represent the diversity I experience surfing around the world and at home. I want to share my wonder and stoke at how beautiful, inventive and life changing this diversity is, and inspire all (including myself) to make a positive difference in the world!

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