Yuriy Smityuk and true russian surfing

When he is tired of shooting war planes and tankers, Yuriy turns his camera to #surfing in the Far East of #Russia, where he is posted.

His #coldwatersurfing series just earned him best #sportsphotography series in the prestigious #Stenincontest. The 2013 #ReynekeIsland #Coldwater Cup near #Vladivostok (supported by the #RussianSurf Federation or @rfsurfing) was the opportunity for Yuriy to discover the local scene and hangout with crazies like Daniel (@swell_vl), with whom he has since extensively shot.

But it is only when heading North to the lesser known part of the #Pacific Ocean, that #surfphotographers like Yuriy grasp the worldclass potential of Russian waves. On the #Halaktyrsky beach of #Kamchatka, where pioneer Anton Morozov (@snowave_kamchatka) has set up school, Yuryi enthuses over the unspoilt nature, the volcanoes, waves and ice that allow him to finally "create a perfect natural composition around man conquering the elements". Because as he says, "surfing is best for this!" ✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @smitsmitty #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

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