Legalise surfing in Cuba!

“I’m a Cuban surfer": there's a handful of people on this planet who can say this, but ironically the last to know such a thing existed are #Cubans themselves.

That is because #surfing in #Cuba is not 'legal': it would require an official listing in the national sports register. In spite of good #swell conditions and great #waves, potential #surfathletes are denied open access to equipment and funds and often endure #surfboard confiscation.

However, the tide may be turning on the island: local #surfers lead by #surfergirl Yaya Guerrero and a small US production company @makewild have teamed up and launched a campaign to legalise the sport and are currently working on the release of a supporting documentary for 2018.
Join Swellbound and thousands around the world in supporting the #surflibre campaign: we can't wait to hear contestants at the #Tokyo2020 #Olympics proudly say “I’m a Cuban surfer”! Hit the petition link now! (or link in bio ☝) ✒️: @uchuva @_laurence_b 📷: @marco_bava_ @makewild #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound 🇨🇺

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