Climate change is destroying the world's surfing paradises

Climate change is destroying the world's surfing paradises

When thinking of paradise, many people picture a Pacific Island. #Surfers certainly always do: sun, infinite hues of blue, consistent #swell, perfectly shaped #barrels with #prosurfer superstars slotted in, #reef that's teeming with colourful life.

Unfortunately we humans seem to do everything we can to destroy paradise on earth: #pacificislands are the most affected by #climatechange and sea level rise. This year's #COP23 (UN climate conference) is headed by the PM of #Fiji, supported by #Pacific delegates asking the world's governments to take urgent action before the islands are wiped off the face of the earth.

However we do not need to wait for our governments, to take action ourselves. According to the @EPAgov #climate research that survived the #Trump purge, the main global #greengas emissions come from: electricity/heat production (25%), agriculture (24%) and industry (21%). This gives the average surfer a good place to start:

1) switch to a green energy supplier

2) cut down on meat! (yes, meat production is very resource intense and leads to #deforestation)

3) if you run a business, write a transition plan on when and how you'll achieve zero net emissions

Islanders have always welcomed us with open arms, covered us in lei and let us surf the best breaks in the world. Let's do the right thing and return the favour now! Thank you to the Pacific Climate Change Warriors (@350Pacific) for sharing your message.
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