When the surf community finally opened its arms to politics

When the surf community finally opened its arms to politics

Surfers are notoriously not interested in politics: 'I love your surfing but don't bring politics into it' is a recurrent reproach thrown on social media at those who dare advocate on an issue deemed 'political'.


As the world is becoming increasingly complex & scary, surfing has become one of the last refuges from chaos, dissent, a very precious quiet space where surfers can offload stress and find peace of mind. Unfortunately that space is narrowing by the minute: entire stretches of coast have become off-limit due to land privatisation and industrial pollution, lineups are invaded by plastic pollution and domestic waste, waves themselves are destroyed by coastal developments; entire marine species are on the brink of extinction and ocean acidification from atmospheric CO2 levels is killing life itself in our seas.

Which explains why the US Midterm Elections have made their way to the core of the surfing community. For the first time, the surf media, surf brands, surf groups and professional surfers have had no choice but to take a stand and point at the elephant in the room: the one that is disrupting our sacred experience by its inaction at best, or its deliberate trampling of environmental protection at worst.

Surf royalty @kellyslater himself stepped up to the plate, cleverly navigating the toxic political (lack of) conversation by stating: "not trying to preach to anyone but please consider who has made these [environmental] topics a priority when you cast your ballot."

We couldn't have said it any better! Best of luck πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, the world is holding its breath! #vote #isurfivote #swellbound

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