The Ocean Film Festival on tour

The #ocean deserved its own #filmfestival: @oceanfilmfestival gave it not just one event but a whole world tour!

Starting in Australia, the festival now has a handful of dates left in the UK, Belgium and Italy (see @oceanfilmfestival for tickets). Whether the films are long features showcasing #surfing (#FishPeople by @thetorpedopeople), #diving or #sailing (@seagypsiesmovie, a hilarious, thoughtful and beautifully shot voyage through the #southpacific and #antarctica, pictured), or shorts about deep sea creatures or whales, many contain a strong #conservation theme.

And this theme runs through not just programming but also the organisation of the event itself, as Tour Director Nell explains:"we contacted all of our venues, asking their policies on single-use plastic (plastic straws, plastic glasses to take into the auditorium…), and almost all of the venues worked with us to minimise their impact". Adding to this, the festival gives a platform and part of the proceeds to local #oceanconservation charities: in the UK, @surfersagainstsewage and @mcs_uk were chosen for their campaigning work on marine policies and 'their great ideas on easy ways that people can get involved day-to-day, such as #beachcleanups or guides on how to eat #sustainablefish."

For 2018, the festival is seeking shorts that "inspire others to care for the world’s oceans, get out there and enjoy them!" Judging from the buzz at the venue and ocean whatsapp groups created, I think the 2017 fest did just that! 📷:@seagypsiesmovie ✒:@_laurence_b #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

From 'Sea Gypsies, the far side of the world', a film to watch!

From 'Sea Gypsies, the far side of the world', a film to watch!

Chief Storyteller at Swellbound