Ban krill from food supplements!

Back from a mission in #Antarctica, @cnrs #wildlife researchers reported that Adélie #penguins suffered a 'catastrophic breeding event'.

In a colony of over 40,000 penguins, they found only 2 surviving chicks, the beach being otherwise strewn with thousands of unhatched eggs and starved chicks' bodies. Parent penguins had to travel an extra 100km to try and forage for food leaving their vulnerable offspring unattended for an extended period of time.

#Krill is a staple food for penguins and many marine creatures, but it is still commercialised as an #omega3 #healthsupplement, sometimes advertised as 'responsibly sourced'. Krill population dropped 80% since the 70s, due to both #climatechange (and related #oceanacidification) and #fishing. You cannot 'responsibly' exploit a plummeting food resource. #Scientists are calling for a marine protected area (MPA) to try and stop planned fisheries.

Following petitions, giant retailer @sainsburys stopped selling krill-based supplements. @bootsuk @walgreens @cvspharmacy @hollandandbarrett to name just a few are still retailing them. Hit this link --> or link in bio ☝to sign the #petition and learn more. 📷: a #gentoo penguin, cousin of the adélie, by @tinmanlee . ✒:@_laurence_b #swellbound

Gentoo penguin surfing

Gentoo penguin surfing

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