Update on krill: East Antarctica to become a Marine Protected Area?

Update on the vote for a marine protected area (MPA) in East #Antarctica, preventing #fishing and #krill fishing in particular, the staple food for #penguins and many marine animals, but is also sold as an #omega3 supplement.

This week, 24 countries are meeting at the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (#CCAMLR) to discuss MPAs. Australia and France are pushing for an MPA in East Antarctica, covering 3 of its 7 seas, crucially including a no-catch zone for krill in the D'Urville Sea-Mertz area, where last week it was found out mass starvation wiped out all chicks of a 40,000 #AdeliePenguin colony.

Unfortunately, three countries are still resisting: Russia🇷🇺, China🇨🇳, and Norway🇳🇴. Norway is home to #AkerBioMarine, a company that runs the largest krill fishery in the #Antarctic. Akermarine have claims of #ecoharvesting, and astonishingly have even acquired the @mscecolabel (#sustainablefishing) and endorsement from @wwf (AkerBioMarine is incidentally a major WWF donor💰). In a world where there are plenty of other sources of omega3, where arctic marine species are already undergoing extinction because of mass starvation, where national #scientific agencies such as the @CNRS, #oceanconservation campaigns @pewenvironment @blueplanetsociety @sumofus all ask for the end of #krillfishing, it is irresponsible and being on the wrong side of history to claim that the krill market can expand as long as it is 'managed'. For whose benefit?

Ikke kjøp noen krill! 不要買任何磷蝦 не покупайте криль! (and sign petition☝: tiny.cc/krill) ✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @weisselmar #freeesurfspirit #swellbound

gentoos love to surf!

gentoos love to surf!

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